As Petrecozim, we are indebted to a group of corporate champions for funding our journey towards PET recycling in Zimbabwe during this difficult time of economic challenges. They are our 8 shareholder companies. The shareholders are grouped into three clusters namely bottlers, converters and brand owners. Two additional clusters of importers and retailers do not have members at the present moment. However the door remains open for new members to join us under any of the relevant clusters. We believe that with more members, our efforts will even be more effective and visible.

These are companies whose core business is manufacturing of various beverage products that use PET packaging for bottling purposes. The current members under this cluster as follows:-

  1. Delta Beverages (Private) Limited
  2. Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited
  3. Lyons Zimbabwe (Private) Limited
  4. Dairibord Zimbabwe (Private) Limited
  5. Mutare Bottling Company (Private) Limited
  6. Tanganda Tea Company Limited

Brand Owners
Brand owners represent companies that are not directly involved in the manufacturing process, but they own certain brands that are being produced by bottlers, usually under licence. At present moment, Coca- Cola Central Africa (Private) Limited is our only shareholder qualifying under this cluster.

This cluster comprise of companies that actually manufacture plastics products like PET bottles, typically for use by bottlers. Other converters are involved in the production of preforms which can be supplied to bottlers for onsite blowing to make PET bottles. There are a number of companies in this business in the country but at present, we only have Megapak Zimbabwe (Private) Limited under this cluster.

These are companies usually involved in the importation and trading of materials or finished products. Typically they import PET resin, preforms and sometimes already blown PET bottles in order to supply converters or bottlers themselves. They are therefore responsible for bringing PET in its various forms into the country. Unfortunately, we do not have any importer as part of our members at the moment.

Retailers are businesses that are involved in the distribution of various products. They present platforms through which customers can access products that are packed in different packages including PET. Yet in our country, most retailers also double as direct importers of various products to supply the local market due to the state of our manufacturing sector. They therefore contribute directly to the PET problem by importing waste in the form of packaging. Unfortunately, we do not have a retailer in our membership at the moment.

Open Membership
The unique feature of our initiative is that it brings together companies that are ordinarily into competition to tackle a common challenge. As a result membership is open to all the companies and organisations that are active in the PET value chain. These include the retailers who import foreign products packed in PET, the importers of either PET resin or preforms to supply bottlers, the bottlers themselves, distributors of international brands packed in PET, brand owners and converters who actually manufacture the PET bottles. Our current membership is composed of 6 bottlers, 1 brand owner and 1 converter. We believe that our initiative can only be successful through industrywide participation. The original members have qualified for direct shareholding on the basis of financial contributions which they made towards the operationalization of this initiative. New members need to reach the agreed minimum financial threshold in order to qualify for shareholder status otherwise they can participate as associate members. We apply the polluter pays principle in the allocation of financial contributions as each member’s financial contribution is commensurate with the amount of pollution as measured by annual declared volumes of PET bottles released into the market. In other words each company is expected to fund proportionally the reclamation of its waste PET from the environment.