The Petrecozim initiative is a clear demonstration of corporate social responsibility and commitment to global best practices. In pursuit of these values, the members of Petrecozim (Pvt) Ltd agreed on the following deliverables:-

> To work together for the purposes of collecting, recycling and marketing post consumer PET (PCPET) in Zimbabwe.

> Collectively and individually provide such support, services and materials for the implementation and achievement of the first objective.

> Contribute financial resources to PetrecoZim to enable it to execute its mandate on behalf of its members.

The 8 corporate organisations which signed up to this commitment deserve to be applauded by everyone for demonstrating responsibility. The challenge that the country faces with respect to waste collection and recovery issues is that the majority of corporate organisations have not yet embraced extended producer responsibility. New legislation is increasingly shifting responsibility for waste management from local authorities to industry but our industry is slow to appreciate this new reality. Our view is that it is better to self regulate than to comply with gazetted legislation. But the industry is full of “free riders” who purport to care about the environment yet they are not prepared to commit anything towards its upkeep. This is the challenge. There is need for a paradigm shift. Experience elsewhere has shown that waste management issues require a collective effort.