Welcome to Our World
PET has become part and parcel of our daily routines. This is because PET material has widespread applications in both primary and secondary markets. It is highly probable that we interface with PET material everyday in one way or another. You could be drinking from it, sleeping on it, wearing it or use it anyhow.

The production of PET material follows a highly sophisticated and detailed process that its disposal deserves something better than a landfill. The PET bottle has such valuable properties that it simply cannot be thrown away. That is why, at PetrecoZim, we insist that the PET bottle is just too good to waste, throw it away at your own loss.

Our Vision
Our vision is to provide a world class model for sustainable extended producer responsibility focusing on post consumer PET recycling.

Our Mission
Our mission is to reduce the environmental footprint of PC PET by engaging with other stakeholders to ensure the recycling of post consumer PET bottles on sustainable basis in Zimbabwe. This will be done in a manner that balances planet and people issues without compromising a fair return to the shareholders.

Our Values
Our conduct and business culture is guided by the following core values:-
Responsibility: – PetrecoZim will execute its mandate in a manner that demonstrates responsibility towards the environment, shareholders and all stakeholders by striving for best practices in all its endeavors.
Accountability: – Employees of PetrecoZim will conduct the business in a manner that is fair and transparent and offers feedback to shareholders and other stakeholders on a continuous basis.
Integrity: – We will be upfront and candid about the performance of the business and other issues related to the business. The business will uphold high moral standards at all times.
Innovation: – PetrecoZim will always seek opportunities to improve business performance with a view of enhancing the viability and sustainability of the business for the benefit of all stakeholders.
Commitment: – We recognize the inherent challenges in this business and take a long term view of the business and accept that the commitment and maximum effort of our employees and partners is paramount to the success of this business.
Our Core Purpose: – To create a cleaner Environment

The PET recycling initiative has always been about one thing; the environment. It is a project that is aimed at improving the aesthetic value of the land and it’s surrounding by reducing and removing the volume of solid waste, particularly PET bottles from the waste stream. The problem with PET is that it is not bio degradable and as such can last beyond our lifetime and generations. Research has shown that PET can last as long as 500 years. This therefore creates a huge challenge from an environmental point of view in that if the PET remains uncollected, it will remain visible in the stream.

This calls for proper management of waste and best practices because if not properly managed, PET along with other similar waste streams can easily create an environmental eyesore. Our estimates show that the country is importing and discharging approximately 15,000tonnes of PET into the environment per year and the volume is growing. As a result, poor environmental practices will almost certainly trigger an environmental disaster. Uncollected PET bottles find their way into storm water drains and are also a real threat to animals and sea life. They end up clogging water drains resulting in artificial flash floods in urban areas as was witnessed in Harare at the onset of 2015 rain season. The case for PET recycling is not just a business case; there is an ever compelling environmental case for PET recycling.