Petrecozim (Pvt) Ltd has received a major boost when the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) approved and released US$20,000.00 to support Petrecozim‘s efforts to support and mainstream the low income earners into its business value chains. This grant represents a major vote of confidence in our efforts to reduce environmental pollution. The grant follows an extensive research that was carried out by Milestone Consulting and funded by SNV in 2013 to ascertain if the Petrecozim business model qualifies as an inclusive business model.

The study concluded based on empirical evidence that the Petrecozim business model is indeed inclusive but also bankable. The business creates huge opportunities for low income earners in its supply network. Because the company relies on informal waste pickers for the supply of bottles, the study concluded that the business creates huge income opportunities for the poor. The grant was released to specifically support programmes that uplift the poor, build their capacity to do business and improve their business skills. Petrecozim has identified 4 key areas for implementation and implementation is already 80% complete. They key focus areas that were identified by the study are as follows:-

  1. Training of vendors on material identification and handling and recycling
  2. Provision of personal protective clothing to improve occupational safety
  3. Provision of supportive infrastructure like cages and scales
  4. Branding of collection site to improve visibility
  5. Media campaign to create awareness

A pilot group (Tisunungureiwo Cooperative) of 22 vendors based in Mbare has undergone specialized training on PET recycling and waste management. Based on the training received, the group is already the biggest supplier of raw material to the plant and is taking a lead in recruiting more people into waste collection and recycling based on their experience with us.